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For thousands of years the aboriginal people lived and cared for the land.

1847: Edmund Kennedy was the first white person to explore the area.

1858: A.C. Gregory Explored the area.

1862: Explorer William Landsborough came through the area when searching for Burke, Wills & King.

1865: 2650 acres set aside for a township.

1868: Charleville named after a town in Ireland by Surveyor W.A. Tully.

1876: First Cobb & Co Service to Charleville from Roma.

1879: Murweh Shire was created to include Charleville, Augathella, Morven & Cooladdi.

1886: Cobb & Co built their largest and last remaining coach making factory in Charleville.

1886: First Artesian Bore drilled.

1888: Rail reached Charleville from Brisbane.

1902: Steiger Vortex Rainmaking Gun Experiment carried out.

1919: Aviators Ross & Keith Smith landed in Charleville.

1920: Closure of Cobb & Co Factory.

1922: QANTAS first service departs Charleville.

1922: Poppa Corones supplied the first in-flight meal on a QANTAS flight.

1935: Radio 4VL started broadcasting in Charleville.

1942: Control of the Charleville Airport handed over to the US Air force.

1943: Royal Flying Doctor starts operations in Charleville.

1947: Hail storm blankets Charleville in white.

1951: Worst bushfires ever recorded threatens Charleville.

1959: Princess Alexandra visits Charleville.

1965: First diesel locomotive comes to Charleville.

1966: School of the Air commences operation.

1990: Worst flood on record hits Charleville peaking at 8.54m.

1997: Second worst flood on record hits Charleville peaking at 7.4m.

1992: Commencement of public Star Gazing in Charleville.

2003: Commencement of Levee Bank construction.

2003: Opening of Charleville Cosmos Centre & Observatory.

2005: New bore sunk [1068 metres deep].

2006: Kangaroo Processing plant opens.

2007: Charleville Mulgalands Botanical Reserve identified.

2008: Charleville floods again.

2009: Word War 2 USA Air Base ruins identified.

2010: Charleville Floods again.

2011: New flood gates erected.

2013: Bradley’s gully diversion completed.