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University of New South Wales

Founded in 1950, the University of New South Wales is one of Australia’s leading teaching and
research universities. Renowned internationally, the UNSW has a reputation for pioneering specialist research and development. The campus library holds an extensive collection of research material and
the bookshop stocks a wide range of text books and literature.

The University of New South Wales boasts amongst its alumni ex-New South Wales Premier Bob Carr; politician, activist and rock musician Peter Garrett; and filmmaker George Miller. It offers many free
concerts and lectures throughout the year. UNSW is also home to The National Institute of Dramatic Art
(NIDA) where the likes of Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, and Geoffrey Rush were students,
just to name a few.

Situated on Anzac Parade the university was built on the site of the former Kensington Racecourse, the grounds still house some of the original racecourse buildings. A feature among the University buildings is the Scientia conference and special event venue which was designed and built to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the university. This spectacular building is a beautiful example of modern architecture with high ceilings, marvellous views and an inspired glass and steel canopy suspended above the foyer.

A stroll around the landscaped grounds at the campus allows visitors to view the impressive collection of sculptures and public art on display. You can sit in the gardens and relax while contemplating the many different styles of art scattered around the university. Abstract forms made from recycled steel such as “The Bath” and cast bronze sculptures such as “Torso Turning” are examples of contrast in the many different media and visions of the artists.


Walking through Kingsford town centre is the perfect opportunity to explore the range of shops,
restaurants and cafes that this eclectic hub has to offer.

Situated on Anzac Parade, your walk can begin at the Kingsford roundabout, surrounded by the
Churchill 's Inn, seafood and fruit markets and the Sinma Laksa at 391 restaurant.

If you are out for a short walk, located 50 metres southwest from the roundabout, is a beautiful park
flanked by a quaint set of shops with gorgeous facades, the perfect place to relax and have a drink.

The second option is to walk in a southerly direction along Anzac Parade to the South Juniors social
club which provides a variety of activities that include a gymnasium and indoor heated swimming pool
as well as fully licensed restaurants, bars, gaming rooms and regular live entertainment.

Another option is to walk in a north from the roundabout along Anzac Parade until you reach The University of New South Wales (UNSW), if you 're still abundant with energy try walking through the university itself and admire the special architecture that is associated with university campuses. Or cross over onto the other side of Anzac Parade and marvel at The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), the NIDA building won the prestigious Sulman Prize for public architecture in 2002 and is world renowned for graduating stars in the performing arts such as Mel Gibson, Cate Blanchett and Baz Luhrmann.

Estimated walking time : 45 minutes

For more information about any of these interesting, fun, free activities and other great things to see
and do in Kingsford contact the friendly team at the Randwick Visitor Information Centre.

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