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The Lachlan Shire is home to approximately 7,000 people which cover an area of fifteen thousand
square kilometres with four and a half thousand kilometres of road to get you where you want to go.

While in condobolin

  1. Relax at Gum Bend Lake, a manmade lake three kilometres west of Condobolin and when full with water, is a haven for water skiers, fishermen, bird watchers and campers.

  2. Enjoy the Wiradjuri Study Centre which was constructed to promote the study and understanding of the Wiradjuri culture located on the corner of vCunningham and McDonnell Street.

  3. Explore the Lachlander Newspaper Museum at 46 Bathurst Street which is home to equipment and machinery used in the old ‘hot metal’ method of compiling and printing newspapers.

  4. Discover the Railway Museum, a private collection houses trikes, trailers and old railway items in Madline Street.

  5. Visit the Condobolin Community Centre located on the corner of Bathurst and Dennison Streets, with displays of photos and other documents depicting the history and heritage of the area.

  6. 30km east of Condobolin on the Henry Parkes Way, turn right onto Mulguthrie Road to visit the outdoor gallery Utes in the Paddock. This gallery showcases the work of some of Australian’s best artists on a wide range of Holden utes.

Accommodation in Condobolin

  • Allambie Motel – William St, (02) 6895 2722
  • Condobolin Hotel/Motel – cnr Bathurst & William St, (02) 6895 2040
  • Condobolin Motor Inn – William St, (02) 6895 2233
  • Condobolin Railway Hotel/Motel – cnr Molong and Denison St, (02) 6895 2650
  • Imperial Hotel – Bathurst St, (02) 6895 2139
  • Riverview Caravan Park – Diggers Ave, (02) 6895 2611
  • Royal Hotel – Bathurst St, (02) 6895 2009

For more information on things to do and see, please visit the Condobolin Visitor information Centre
or visit


  1. Explore Lake Cargelligo, the largest natural inland lake system in the state which has a volume of 36,000 mega litres, a surface area of 1440 hectares and an average depth of 3.7 metres.

  2. Enjoy bird watching in Lake Cargelligo at various locations including the Sewerage Treatment Plant, Curlew Water, Sheet of Water, Chat Alley, Nombinnie and Round Hill Nature Reserves.

  3. Relax and enjoy a stroll around Lake Cargelligo on the picturesque walking and bicycle track and read the interpretative signage along the way.

  4. Try your luck at a spot of fishing on the Lake or the Lachlan River but please ensure your fishing license is current.

  5. Discover the Lake Cargelligo Museum in Holt Street which has a fascinating variety of artefacts and machinery. See tractors, clothing and aboriginal artefacts along with typewriters, lamps and sewing machines. Open every Wednesday from 10am – 4pm or by appointment on 6898 1384 or 6898 1051.

  6. View the Kejole Koori Art Studio, 98 Grace Street to view local Aboriginal art from ten local artists.

  7. Visit the Lake Cargelligo Tourist Information Centre which houses the unique Alf Tyack Stone Butterfly & Gem Collection. Also a great stopping point for souvenirs and local art and craft.

Accommodation in Lake Cargelligo

  • Blacker Family Royal Mail Hotel – Foster St, (02) 6898 1006
  • Commercial Hotel – Foster St, (02) 6898 1209
  • Lake Cargelligo Motel – Canada St, (02) 6898 1303
  • Lake View Caravan Park – Naradhan St, (02) 6898 1077
  • Lachlan Way Motel – Foster St, (02) 6898 1201

For more information on things to do and see, please visit the Lake Cargelligo Visitor information Centre

While in Tottenham

  1. Discover the rock cairn, located 42km west of Tottenham which marks the location of the exact geographical centre of NSW.

  2. Admire the Tottenham Hotel located in the centre of town.

  3. Enjoy a hit of tennis, a round of golf on the fairways with kangaroos, an end or two of bowls or a game of squash with friends.

  4. Explore the local birdlife with over 160 species recorded.

  5. Visit the Tottenham Tourist Centre in Umang Street. A community initiative showcasing local arts, crafts and souvenirs from the Centre of NSW.

Accommodation in Tottenham

  • The State Centre Caravan Park – Tullamore Rd, (02) 6892 4126
  • Hotel Tottenham – Umang St, (02) 6892 4211

For more information on things to do and see, please visit the Tottenham Tourist Information Centre
or visit

Enjoy Country Hospitality

Enjoy a bite to eat at one of the Cafes, Hotels or Sports Clubs in the Heart of NSW

Visit the Hotels in the villages in the Heart of NSW including...

  • Mayfield Hotel - Wattle Street, Tullibigeal, 6972 9173
  • Burcher Hotel - Bena Street, Burcher, 6972 5244
  • Fifield Hotel - Slee Street, Fifield, 6892 7276
  • The Rabbit Trap - Federation Street, Albert, 6892 8201


Ph: (02) 6895 3301

condobolin Visitor Information Centre

18 William Street
Condobolin NSW 2877

Lake Cargelligo Tourist Information Centre

Ph: (02) 6898 1501

1 Foster Street
Lake Cargelligo NSW 2672